Founder Member

Begum Rokeya Sarder
Date of Birth: 01.12.1968
Designation: Director
Principle Occupation: Social work
Experience in disability: Since 1993 worked with HICARE and Found Proships
Address: Digherpar, Upazilla- Dewangonj, Dist: Jamalpur

Organaisation History

Protibandhi Shishu Shiekkha O Paricharja Samity (Proships) is a Non government voluntary organization. Proships was established in 1998 with the initiate of group of young, educated, dedicated professional and social workers. I am Mr.Rafiqul Islam (Presently work as Chief Executive ) had been works in Read More

Goal of Organaisation

PROSHIPS Goal is to improve the ultimate socio-economic and cultural condition of the community through the development of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable people, women, children and the people with disabilities to ensure their equal rights and opportunities for participation in the mainstream development.

Founder Member

Mr.Rafiqul Islam
Date of Birth: 03.12.1958
Designation: Secretary /CEO
Principle Occupation: Social work
Relation with Chief Executive: Self
Experience in disability: Since 1987 worked with HICARE and Proships
Address: Digherpar, Upazilla- Dewangonj, Dist: Jamalpur

Program Implementation approach

PROSHIPS has been implementing its entire program through community based approach. It is consider community based rehabilitation (CBR) is the only effective approach that ensure development of the disable Children through optimum utilization of available resources of the community. Available resources in this regard included material resources, human resources and existing services and facilities of the communities.

Objectives Of the Organization

• Implement programs to promote health, education and socio-economic development of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable groups and the disabled people;
• Undertake programs for prevention of disability in the community;
• Promote training and educational programs for prevention of disability and rehabilitation of the disabled people in the community Read More

Our Mission

PROSHIPS has been working with the Mission to promote development programs in the community to improve the overall socio-economic and cultural condition of the disable , most disadvantaged children , adolescent, of the community. Special emphasis is given on preventing disability, ensuring maternal child health, adolescent family life education and reproductive health education, awareness on Sexual Abuse , and HIV/ AIDS and its prevention , restoration of child/ human rights and human resource development. PROSHIPS have been trying to implement action programs with the active involvement and participation of the community people. PROSHIPS aspire for a suppression free society with prosperity, peace and equity where all people could get proper opportunity and equal rights to develop.