At present PROSHIPS is implementing programs on:

01. Community Awareness and advocacy Program:

Conduct community awareness and advocacy program through discussion meeting, Workshop, Mass gathering, Human Chain for disabilities issues, Violence against Children (VAC ) Awareness on HIV/AIDS and its Prevention etc.
Awareness campaign would be carried out on the importance and necessity of reducing the rate of disability and primary health in the community.
Observation on International Human rights Day, Child rights week on CRC , International /National day on Disability (Autism Day, International Ear car Day, International White cane safety day) World Health Day and, International Day of Disaster Reduction etc.

02. Primary health care Program.

Conduct community awareness and advocacy program through discussion meeting, Workshop, for water and sanitation issues with women and adolescent girls.
Conduct orientation on disability prevention measures, Awareness on HIV/ AIDS and its Prevention with different stakeholders (Adolescent girl , New couple and pregnant mother ) in the community .
Door to door counseling, motivational campaign for rate of reduce disability.
Provide cluster based / home based primary rehabilitation therapy service for their better improvement of CWDs.
Conduct eye diseases treatment camp and ear diseases treatment and Prevention of Early hearing loss for preventive disabilities..
Operation /surgical treatment like as eye, clap-foot, clap-lip; clap-flat etc., to disable children for preventive and rehabilitation measures.
Necessary assistive devices distribution in to disabled like as Hearing aid, wheel chair, crutch for their increase mobility and accessibility in the community.
Conduct orientation on disability prevention measures with different stakeholders (School students, community people in the community .

03. Education Program.

Operating learning Centre for the Development of Children with Disabilities (CWDs) in the community.
Integrating the physically disabled and mildly hearing impaired children, Low vision children and mild intellectually disable into the existing primary schools to promote education among the disabled children of the community.
Organize School Based inclusive Sports and Cultural activities for mainstreaming and improving quality life of CWDs.
Provide Need based direct Special and Inclusive Educational Support to CWDs to ensure their Continuation and Promote Participation in school and improving their performance.
Operate Special need school for the all type of disabled children in the Community.
Conduct Quarterly meeting with SMC for facilitating school enabling environment.
Provide educational resource materials to Develop class resource /library for Providing quality education of CWDs.

04. Livelihood and Training Program.

Conduct orientation/training on disability and child rights issues with School Students and others stakeholder.
Orientation /Training on IGAs for Disable person on changes of their livelihood .
Conduct continued skill development training for PROSHIPS staff members

05. Empowerment Program

Formation of School based Child Club for Participation in Mainstreaming activities and increasing their knowledge of Child rights issues. .
Formation Disability rights promotion Committee (DRPC) with Local Elites, Teacher, UP members and Disable person for ensuring rights of Person with Disabilities in the community.
Self Help group (SHGs) formations with Adult Children and Person with Disabilities and their family members for mainstreaming .
Child Rights Advocacy Forum (CRAF) forming with Young adult Children with Disabilities Empowerment for Inclusive Development.
CWDs Parents group and School based Committee for all type of Disable children for Experience sharing on their Child development and voice raising on behalf of their Children.

06. Networking, Coordination and Information Dissemination.

Establish strong coordination and communication with the others organizations for Inclusion of Govt safety net Program.
Maintain network with different disability and child development agencies.
Introduce proper referral services for the treatment, training and rehabilitation support of the persons with disability and destitute disadvantaged children.
Published newsletter for child rights, disabilities information and contemporary development issues information dissemination.