Objectives Of the Organization

Implement programs to promote health, education and socio-economic development of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable groups and the disabled people;
Undertake programs for prevention of disability in the community;
Promote training and educational programs for prevention of disability and rehabilitation of the disabled people in the community.
Provide educational support and stipend to the talented disabled children and students;
Conduct baseline survey for identification of the disabled persons and to find out the prevalence rate as well as common causes of disability in the community;
Advocacy and lobbying with the policy makers, local authority and the elite groups to restore the rights of the disabled children and persons;
Prepare and collect IEC materials on the basic facts of disability, disability prevention & intervention and disseminate the information among relevant groups;
Exchange and sharing of experiences of intervention with the other NGOs and parties involved in disability activities;
Create benevolent fund for the welfare of the disabled children and persons;
Promote IGAs for economic self-reliance of the disabled persons or the families of the disabled persons in the community;
Establish effective coordination mechanism between the national and international donor/support agencies and the agencies involved in disability movement;

Promote programs for integrating the disabled CWDS and PWDs in to mainstream development of the community;
Provide emergency relief materials to disable, destitute and disadvantaged children and their families of any catastrophe.
Publication of news letters to disseminate information on the day to day maters of the disable, destitute and disadvantaged children/people and issues related to their development.
Operate the activities with Marginal community in order for taking the marginal and disable community in to mainstream development activities of the society.
Arrange Program with all children of the society to retain the honor and dignity of the Children with Disabilities (CWDs).
Take action to prevent the loss due to Climate Change and others natural calamities and operation relief Program combat then on urgent need Basis.